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Feed Demon Beta

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Feed Demon Beta  غير المفتاح

* Added: Significant performance improvements, especially when subscribed to a large number of feeds (several hundred or more)
* Added: Faster drawing, loading and updating in subscription tree
* Added: Visual enhancements in subscription tree when using Windows Vista

* Changed: Setup now defaults to installing under the local appdata folder when run by non-admin user (since "Program Files" requires admin rights on Vista)
* Changed: Feed updating is now paused while performing an action that may modify your feeds (unsubscribing, changing options, performing cleanup, etc.)
* Changed: Error reporting now includes an "exit application" checkbox

* Fixed: Continued duplication of posts in unsynched feeds, including posts which contain a UTF8 BOM in the title or description
* Fixed: Temporary freeze when updating starts
* Fixed: Temporary freeze as new items received if those items are picked up by a watch
* Fixed: Freeze when unsubscribing while feeds are updating
* Fixed: Excerpts hidden in "Blue Vista" newspaper style
* Fixed: Update indicator not shown when updating single feed/folder
* Fixed: FeedDemon's automatic database backup doesn't verify integrity of database prior to backup (automatic backup occurs at startup when backup hasn't been made for 24 hours)
* Fixed: FeedStation setup requires admin rights
* Fixed: Favicons deleted on first run after installing
* Fixed: Empty hyperlinks cause extra whitescape in newspaper when showing excerpts
* Fixed: Automatic prefetch consumes too much memory if a large number of new items are received in a single update

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