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* Added: "Shared by people I follow" displays articles shared by the people you follow in Google Reader
* Added: Content filters (Tools > Manage Content Filters) can be applied to individual feeds to automatically mark incoming items as read
* Added: New "Translate item" newspaper icon translates the item into your language. Items in synched feeds are translated inline, whereas items in non-synched feeds browse to Google Translate for the translation
* Added: Further synchronization optimizations, including significantly faster synching of shared items
* Added: Feed preview now uses a fixed header and enables toggling between full posts, summaries and headlines
* Added: "Choose newspaper icons" added to newspaper - enables quickly choosing which icons to show under each item
* Added: "Like" icon added to newspaper for synched feeds (what is this?). Note that this doesn't appear by default - you must enable it using the new "choose newspaper icons" gear icon.
* Added: "Remember my login" added to synchronization options (disable to require FeedDemon to ask for your login every time it starts)
* Added: Short url preview now supports,,,, and
* Added: Print and print preview from the embedded browser now handle the active newspaper by expanding collapsed descriptions, hiding FeedDemon icons, etc.
* Added: "Send To" menu now includes Twitter
* Added: HTTP error report now enables re-checking a feed's status
* Changed: Search results now always use the default "Surfer" newspaper style
* Changed: Options-related items moved to submenu of Tools menu, import/export-related items moved to submenu of File menu
* Changed: When the newspaper is grouped by title, items are now sorted by date rather than by title (so newer items come first)
* Fixed: Unresponsiveness while updating feeds due to auto-purging of older items
* Fixed: Focused post not highlighted in newspaper when using silver theme
* Fixed: Incorrect sizing of embedded browser after display resolution or multi-monitor settings changed
* Fixed: Enclosure URL doesn't appear in status bar when mousing over enclosure icon
* Fixed: Application fails to correctly minimize to the tray after clicking a mouse button that has been assigned to the "minimize" action
* Fixed: Incorrect startup screen position on single-monitor system when taskbar docked to left
* Fixed: Items in disabled feeds still get added during resync
* Fixed: Unsharing a single item (ie: deleting it from your shared items) fails to sync
* Fixed: Duplicate YouTube videos may appear in "Popular in My Subscriptions" if they use different formats
* Fixed: Feeds with invalid/expired certificates silently fail to update
* Fixed: Tags assigned to posts in un-synched feeds may be lost after converting the feeds to sync
* Fixed: Twitter avatars display even when "optimize for low bandwidth" is enabled
* Fixed: Cleanup wizard enables choosing to cleanup watches even when none exist
* Fixed: Printing a FeedDemon newspaper crops the last line of text from each page
* Fixed: Timeout errors with non-synched feeds that use temporary redirects to a different host name
* Fixed: Connection reset errors with non-secure feeds that redirect to secure URL
* Fixed: Reading all unread items in a feed doesn't remove it from the desktop alert when the desktop alert is "pinned" (so that it's always showing)
* Fixed: Summaries shown in newspaper may be very short for articles with several long hyperlinks in the first few sentences

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