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Feed Demon RC2

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Feed Demon RC2  غير المفتاح

* Added: Support for slash:comments (86536)
* Added: "Reports" added to browser toolbar
* Added: A heaping helping of performance improvements throughout
* Added: "Properties" icon added to feed reports
* Added: History of Auto-Discovered feeds can now be disabled
* Changed: "History of Auto-Discovered Feeds" simplified to show only titles (previously showed titles and feed URLs)
* Changed: FeedDemon's "attention rank" algorithm now uses a higher weighting for items added to news bins that are shared as RSS feeds
* Fixed: Disappearing content in Outland newspaper style when using IE6
* Fixed: Read items are skipped by watches after updating a synched feed for the first time (88578)
* Fixed: Items deleted by cleanup wizard aren't synched with NewsGator Online
* Fixed: Incorrect date sorting of folder newspaper (Surfer style)
* Fixed: FeedDemon loses focus after upgrading subscriptions
* Fixed: Creating a synched news bin with a shared RSS feed doesn't always create the shared feed
* Fixed: "Popular Topics" report incorrect displays Unicode titles in "Popular in Everyone's Subscriptions"
* Fixed: Desktop alert doesn't support Unicode characters

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