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Feed Demon RC4

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Feed Demon RC4  غير المفتاح

* Removed: NewsGator synchronization is no longer available (here's why)
* Added: At startup, FeedDemon now provides the ability to convert your NewsGator subscriptions to Google Reader
* Added: "Create Google Account" hyperlink added to Google Account dialog
* Added: "Execute Feed Database SQL" added to Debug menu (useful for support reasons - I don't recommend using this yourself)
* Added: "Export Clippings" added to clippings context menu (exports clippings as RSS)
* Added: Twitpic URLs in Twitter feeds now show an image icon
* Changed: Converting your NewsGator subscriptions to Google Reader subscriptions has been rewritten
* Changed: "Resynchronize" has been completely rewritten to address a number of problems customers have been reporting (it's also much faster now)
* Changed: Google Reader only considers the 10 most recent items from the past 30 days to be unread when subscribing to a feed. This is now reflected in FeedDemon after an existing feed is synched with Google Reader.
* Changed: Clippings are now deprecated. Existing clippings folders are still supported, but clippings won't be available to new users. The main reason for this change is that the new tagging features provide similar functionality.
* Fixed: "Source" column lost after re-running watch
* Fixed: <small> tags in description result in unreadable text
* Fixed: Conversion to Google Reader fails to check whether FeedDemon is working offline
* Fixed: "Update Shared Items" and "Update Synchronized Tags" don't first sync recent changes with Google Reader
* Fixed: Authenticated feeds in NewsGator aren't moved to a non-synched folder when converting (must happen since Google Reader doesn't support authenticated feeds)
* Fixed: FeedDemon's help doesn't reflect changes in the new version

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