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Feed Demon Beta

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Feed Demon Beta  غير المفتاح

- Added: When the newspaper has the focus, the following shortcuts are supported:
    Up arrow = previous item
    Down arrow = next item
    Ctrl+Up arrow = previous unread item
    Ctrl+Down arrow = next unread item
    Left arrow = previous page
    Right arrow = next page
    F = flag item
    S = send item to
    B = add item to news bin
    R = mark item read
    V = open item link
    T = open item link in new tab
    Enter = show item
    Ctrl+F5 = reload newspaper, adding any items retrieved since the newspaper was last shown and removing any items that no longer match the newspaper filter.

- Added: Browser's border color changes when it has the focus.
- Added: Ctrl+B sets the keyboard focus to FeedDemon's browser
- Added: Ctrl+D marks the current newspaper page read and moves to the next page. If no more pages exist in the newspaper, then it moves to the next unread feed, unless the newspaper was showing a folder, in which case it moves to the next unread folder. (I know that sounds convoluted - but it'll make sense once you use it!)
- Added: Ctrl+I shows favorites menu
- Added: Ctrl+E focuses the instant search box (web search)
- Added: Shift+Ctrl+F enables changing the newspaper filter
- Added: Shift+Ctrl+S enables changing the newspaper style
- Added: Surfer style enables marking groups as read
- Changed: Subscription and web searches moved to status bar
- Changed: The keyboard shortcut for subscription search has been changed to F3.
- Fixed: Clicking "Refresh" when a newspaper is showing doesn't show items received since the newspaper was displayed
- Fixed: Images in Lifehacker feed are resized
- Fixed: Thumbnail image doesn't disappear when expanding summary post in search results
- Fixed: OK button not enabled after clicking "Include in desktop alert" in feed properties
- Fixed: Error if BlogThis.dat not found (75455)
- Fixed: Post thumbnails shouldn't be shown when offline
- Fixed: Hourglass cursor stays over subscriptions following update (68907)
- Fixed: Long feed titles cut off in Surfer style when using IE7
- Fixed: Page navigation not removed from newspaper after deleting all items in feed
- Fixed: Hiding a topic on Popular Topics doesn't always work
- Fixed: Marking a flagged post as read in the newspaper removes the flag color
- Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts added in new versions aren't supported when user customized shortcuts
- Fixed: Inconsistent handling of user-entered URLs in address bar (75805)
- Fixed: Changing the newspaper sort order has no effect when the newspaper is showing a list of items selected in the news item list (75846)

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