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Feed Demon Beta

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Feed Demon Beta  غير المفتاح

* Added: Numerous performance, memory and CPU usage improvements
* Added: Improved handling of database-related problems
* Added: "Manage Cache" now reports amount of database fragmentation (useful for those who want to know when it's time to compact)

* Changed: Subscription report reduced to two columns
* Changed: "Delete" icon now always appears in clippings newspaper
* Changed: Freeze detection removed (caused more harm than good)
* Changed: Maximum connections in connection settings now enforces a max of eight connections (more connections than that often resulted in timeouts and other problems)

* Fixed: Synched Twitter feeds don't show profile picture
* Fixed: Automatic feed update still attempted when working offline
* Fixed: Middle-click opens item in new tab but fails to mark it as read in the newspaper
* Fixed: "Mark all watches as read" takes far too long
* Fixed: Read states aren't synched after returning from offline mode
* Fixed: Dinosaurs report doesn't always show the year of the last post
* Fixed: Excerpts of item descriptions which end with are incorrectly clipped
* Fixed: Duplicate titles in "Popular in My Subscriptions" section of subscription report
* Fixed: Thumbnails don't collapse in "Blue Vista" style
* Fixed: "Search Subscriptions" fragments FeedDemon's database

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