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Maxthon 0.9.18

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Maxthon 0.9.18  غير المفتاح

  • ActiveX type side bar plugin support.
  • UseTheme key in skin.ini, under [TOPBAR] , [TAB] and [STATUSBAR_STYLE] section.
  • New select skin page in MyIE2 options.
  • Skin style support. More style shall be in skin1.ini, skin2.ini etc.
  • Add file date in About dialog.
  • Special close commands in system close button drop down menu.
  • Net Snippets side bar plugin support.
  • The download will not be closed after MyIE2 quits.
  • UI improvement in MyIE2 Options and Setup Center.
  • Fixed sometimes can not open URL that has comma in it.
  • Other small bug fixes.

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