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# Additions

* [ADFilter]
- added ADFilter, supporting custom filter rules
* [Main Framework]
- added cookies synchronization
- added tabs reorder by dragging
- added proxy option in main menu
- added "classic" skin
* [Options]
- added global default Page Zoom option
- added option to show close tab button on background tabs

# Improvements

* [Main Framework]
- Surf by mouse support more browser actions
- improved smart address bar logics
* [Webkit Core]
- FTP browsing supports directories with space and special characters in path
- Magic Fill can fill forms created dynamically
- improved memory usage
* [Popup Blocker]
- improved Popup Blocker performance
* [Fav manager]
- improved Favorites manager performance

# Fixes

* [Main Framework]
- fixed problem that Clear History options not remembered
- fixed problem that address opened from Google Reader not included in History
- fixed a hot key problem
- fixed problem that keyword not displayed in Search Bar after search from Address Bar
- fixed problem that HTML pages with space in path can't be opened by drag and drop to browser
- fixed problem that pages opened from Quick Access always uses Ultra mode
- fixed a tooltip display problem
- fixed problem that history can't be deleted from Smart Address Bar drop down menu
* [Webkit Core]
- fixed problem that Google Reader index can't be reordered by dragging
- fixed many web page encoding and rendering problems
- fixed a continuous reloading page problem
- fixed a loading problem after entering invalid address
- fixed a Search Engine configuration problem
- fixed a HTTP login dialog position problem
- fixed address bar and title bar display problem after running bookmarklets
- fixed problem that Google Music login dialog is erroneously blocked
- fixed some browser crash problems caused by web pages
- fixed problem that cache files can't be cleared thoroughly
* [Trident Core]
- fixed problem that file downloads stop after closing all tabs in Retro mode
- fixed problem that Mouse Gestures cannot be disabled in Retro mode
- fixed a flickering problem when resizing browser window by dragging
- fixed a crash problem in an online banking page
* [Quick Access]
- fixed problem adding local page to Quick Access

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