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Maxthon Beta

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Maxthon Beta  غير المفتاح

# New Features:
* Maxthon Option syncing.
* Smart Address Bar syncing.
* New style of Last Session, History, Favorites Manager pages.
# Improvements:
* Syncing of AdHunter Blocking Rules was enabled defaultly.
* Optimized the memory usage in Ultra Mode.
* Updated flash player to Version in Ultra Mode.
* Thunder Downloader supported adding tasks in bulk.
# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- Focus problem of Auto Refresh pages.
- Problem of creating a new folder when imported user data.
- The dialog box did not disappear if modified the nickname when logged out the account.
- Invalidation of mouse scrolling when opened a new Quick Access page.
* Webkit Core
- Some no response problems of Maxthon browser.
- Improved the compatibility of Ultra Mode.
- Language display problem of the search box when chose baidu as the search bar.
- Failed to user mailto: protocol in some pages.
- File name display problem of Eread download.
- Page number problem of Print.
* Trident Core
- High memory usage problem.
- One memory leak problem.
* Favorites
- Folder losing or browser crash problem caused by editing folder in Favorites manager page.
* Smart Address Bar
- Conflict between address bar's auto-complete and QQ input method.
* Magic Fill
- Enable to fill in the same username and password in different places of
* Source Sniffer
- Failed to get videos in some pages.
* Download
- It needed to refresh if downloaded something to desktop.
* Data Syncing
- The folder in Favorites would change after syncing in different places.

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