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Maxthon 3.1.7 Build 600

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Maxthon 3.1.7 Build 600  غير المفتاح

New Features:

  • Add interface customization menu which supported customizing Tool Bar/Side Bar buttons and the browser's interface.
  • Add "Double Click to Close Tab" into Maxthon Options.
  • Add "Enable Drag & Drop" into Maxthon Options.
  • Supported importing favorites from Chrome and Firefox.
  • Supported skin developers customizing drop-down list of Address Bar.
  • Merge Thunder Downloader. 


  • Increased the startup speed and the fluency of page viewing.
  • Optimized CPU usage in Ultra Mode.
  • Increased the favorites menu first-time popup speed.
  • Adding shortcuts with running programs is supported in External Tools.

[Main Frame]

  • The time display of Auto Refresh changed after Webkit crashed.


  • Some crash problems.
  • Some page compatibility problems.
  • Incorrect display position of Flash when played some web games.

[User Interface]

  • Print Preview window display problem.
  • Display error of Source Sniffer.

[Reader Mode]

  • Enhanced the compatibility.
  • Sometimes the setting box did not disappear in pages by Reader Mode.

[Video Popup]

  • One problem that the video would be covered.

[External Tools]

  • Input method switching problem in input box in XP.

[Data Syncing]

  • Syncing invalidated after deleting favorites in bulk.

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