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Maxthon Beta

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Maxthon Beta  غير المفتاح

- Multi-Column Menu Support (SetupCenter>Advanced)
- Added History (Record days number can be set at Setup Center>Advanced)
- Configuration Wizard
- Added Background Image support for toolbar buttons
- Tab Sticky Name
- Restored Advanced Proxy Rule, with Socks4, Socks5 support
- Added new API commands for plugins
- Show download bandwidth & local IP address in status bar(Hover)
- Added Open Favorites Folder on Startup feature
- Font settings for User Interface
- Fixed several bugs in Text Filter
- Fixed several bugs in Magic Fill
- Fixed a bug when saving skin settings
- Fixed command error in "Detach Tab"
- Fixed a bug in Default Page Zoom setting
- Fixed flicking when using Tab Manager in split window
- Fixed Simple Collector won't remember last position problem
- Fixed a crash bug when start with local html file after customizing Web Bar
- Fixed start page won't open when called by external program
- Fixed Capture Webpage image file name duplicate problem
- Fixed Feed Subscription content error
- Fixed can't open inputed address of Flash file problem
- Fixed sidebar flicking problem
- Fixed "Use sever supplied search engine list" can not re-check problem in Setup Center>Search
- Fixed can't click folder when browsing FTP problem
- Fixed some special problem with cache verification code image
- Fixed "Resume Last Visited" will show closed tabs problem
- Fixed "View Selected Source Code" can not be called on links and images
- Fixed crash problem with some chat website
- Fixed deleted item can be deleted again in Recycled Bin of Favorites
- Fixed search keyword lost when using Address Bar search for the first time
- Fixed close Maxthon cause an error under Windows Vista problem
- Fixed English right-click menu under Chinese Windows Vista

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