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Maxthon 3.4.5 Build 600 (Beta)

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Maxthon 3.4.5 Build 600 (Beta) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Maxthon 3.4.5 Build 600 (Beta)  غير المفتاح

New Feature:

  • + Added the Certificate Management in Maxthon Options


  • High CPU and memory usage problem
  • Freeze problem caused by right-clicking on a selected long form
  • Crash problem caused by Reader Mode
  • Messy code problem when used Multi Search
  • Tab inverse order problem of Last Session
  • Messy code problem in some sites
  • Drag & Drop invalidation problem in some pages
  • Display and crash problem of Print Preview


  • Improved saving feature of Developer Tool
  • Improved the Night Mode effect in some sites
  • Improved the scrolling efficiency in the page with big size images or amounts of images
  • Optimized the memory usage of Quick Access

UI Improvements:

  • Search suggestion list in Search Bar
  • Magic Fill list
  • Fixed the display status problem of Tool Bar

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