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# New Feature:
* Reader Mode
- Left and Right arrow keys for page turning, Up and Down keys for scrolling.

# Close:
* Sync
- Closed the Options and Quick Access syncing feature temporarily for browser’s stability. Would add back after improving.

# Improvements:
* MaxSnap
- Added white background for the bubbles.
- Enabled to drag the text box.
- Changed magnifier coordinate to screenshot size.
* Reader Mode
- Optimized the analysis of Super Next Page.
- Added friendly tips if “next page” was not suitable for Reader Mode.
- Enabled to remember user setting.

# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- Interface display error with high-resolution display.
- A display problem caused by tool tips.
- The dialog box could not appear immediately when clicked “Clear Browser History” in Avatar Menu.
- Sometimes Tab List moved below the close button when maximize the browser window in Windows XP.
- User Panel disappeared sometimes.
* Webkit
- Improved the payment progress of
- Failed to “Save as…” successfully for some pages.
- Fixed lots of crash problems.
- Optimized some page compatibility problems.
- Switching proxy problem.
* Favorites
- Problems of modifying items of “More Favorites” in Favorites Bar.
- Fixed a focus problem.
- The tooltip information was always there with the secondary menu of Favorites Bar displaying.
* Quick Access
- It still displayed the old account thumbnails after switching the account.
* Online Notepad
- Fixed a crash problem caused by dragging links.
* MaxSnap
- Confliction between double clicking for copying screenshot to the clipboard and Youdao Dictionary.
* Reader Mode
- Some websites could not load the next page automatically.
- “The Next Page” of some websites displayed some irrelevant content.
- Some websites should not be recognized as for Reader Mode.
- Some pages for Reader Mode displayed blank.
- Failed to exit Reader Mode for the reason of no hiding the drop-down list box.
* Smart Address Bar
- The cursor in the address bar was blocked sometimes.
* Source Sniffer
- Fixed a display problem.

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