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Maxthon Beta

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Maxthon Beta  غير المفتاح

# New Feature:
* Main frame
- New app frame(Tab Menu—Save as App), allow user to create a web app
* Webkit
- Support to view .mht file
* Favorites
- Group Feature, user can transform group to favorites folder, and add all tabs to favorites/groups
- Favicon can auto update
- Favorites manager support banding selected
* Magic Fill
- New option of magic fill : manual, auto
- Add passport protection on general identity information
* Recourse sniffer
- Recourse sniffer support batch download

# Optimization:
* Webkit
- Optimize browser cache, resolve some problem caused by cache
* Tab
- Optimize Tab switching effect
* Data sync
- Optimize data sync policy, more stable and faster

# Fixes:
* Main frame
- Shift+F5 to refresh the active window
- Certification display incorrectly
- Maxthon icon missing problem in system tray
- Fail to edit URL and location of favorites item
- Scroll bar display incorrectly after Windows7 change to AERO theme
* Webkit
- Fixed a Cookie problem which caused memory leaks in resource process
- Fixed mht file display problem
- Fixed the problem that Baidu Broadcast cannot play on maxthon 3
- Fixed that CSS is missing after cleaning cache by other tools
- Fixed that Close window button invalid in some page
- Socks5 proxy does not support passport verification in ultra-mode
- Enhance Unity plugin compatibility
- Fixed Media Player plugin problem in ultra-problem
- Fixed Taobao login dialog box display problem
- Fixed login problem on some website
- Fixed compatible problem on some website
- Fixed verify code display problem
* Favorites Manager
- Drag item to the first place is invalid in Favorites Manager
- Favorites item fail to edit URL and location
* Download
- Fixed a cache problem caused fail to download
* Magic Fill
- The name of identity should be unique
- Fail to add username and password problem in general identity
- Fail to fill e-mail address problem by general identity
* Online Notepad
- Data mistake when user edit the content in the different machine at the same time
- Tab missing after syncing
* Resource sniffer
- Wrong icon in Resource Sniffer
- Resource sniffer layout problem
- Hard to click Play in window button
- Copy URL display problem
- Switch to different type of resource sniffer, should not remember the all check setting
- File size display problem when resource batch download
* AD hunter
- Flash filter invalid in AD hunter
* Security
- Fixed the duplicate content. problem on Malicious Website Detected page

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