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Maxthon Beta

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Maxthon Beta  غير المفتاح

# New Features:
* Added "Duplicate Tab" option to the tab right-click menu.
* Added "Duplicate Tab" to mouse gesture and shortcut keys.
# Improvements:
* Improved the support to Thunder Downloader.
* Supported the download from in Ultra Mode.
* Optimized the memory usage of Ultra Mode.
* It allowed turning pages by "left/right" mouse gesture in Quick Access.
* Used "Modern Skin" as the default skin.
* Improved showBadge() and newTab() interfaces of Maxthon extension platform.
# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- The browser window restored to an incorrect position after exited Full Screen.
- Night Mode could not switch automatically according to customized time if restarted the browser after turned off the computer.
* Webkit
- Some crash problems.
- Some page compatibility problems about page rendering.
- A freeze problem.
- A memory leak problem related to flash player.
- A memory leak problem about Webkit Core.
- Some other high memory usage problems.
- Cursor display problem of Developer Tools' search box.
- A security hole problem.
- It could not display Quick Access page when closed the last tab.
- FTP time display problem.
- The blank tabs opened by mailto:could not close automatically.
- The scroll bar of Quick Access could not work.
- It could not open the pages if dragged UNC links.
- Bad function effect of animate() in jquery.
* Magic Fill
- It could not modify the name when modified FTP items.
* Source Sniffer
- It could not get some HTML5 audios and videos.
* AdHunter
- Blocking number display problem.
* Extension Platform
- Fixed some sidebar problems.
- Fixed a extension update problem.
- ef.json files identification problems.
- Judgment problems of action name response.
- Webpage right-click unlock feature could work on Side Bar extensions.

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