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Maxthon Beta

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Maxthon Beta  غير المفتاح

# Additions
* Main Framework
- Added customize UI
- Added Navigation (URL Short Key & URL Alias)
- Added IE9 standard render mode in Retro Mode(available after install IE9)
- Enhanced Resource Sniffer, can download images andmedias on webpage
- Enhanced Data Import/Export, can export Favorite toIE
* Favorite
- Added Compact Mode for Favorite Bar
- Added Option for Multi-column Display Mode
* Skins
- Added Maxthon 2 skin
- Added IE6 skin
* Download Mgr
- Added support for 3rd party downloaders
* Options
- Added Cache Location in Advanced options (RestartRequired)
- Added Web Page Font in Advanced options (RestartRequired)

# Improvements
* Favorites
- Added overwrite confirmation when adding new
- Optimized Fav Mgr performance
* Magic Fill
- Added delete for Multi-identity dropdown menu

# Fixes
* Main Framework
- Fixed some crashes
- Fixed problem that cannot type in Address Barsometimes
- Fixed problem that Maxthon 3 cannot be called upafter Tray Icon disappears under certain situations
- Fixed Shortcut Keys failure after continuouslylogging in and out
- Fixed a display problem of add new Fav dialoguewhen folder name is too long
- Fixed problem that Reload button not work afterCore crashes
* Webkit Core
- Fixed some crashes
- Fixed problem that the page will be closedautomatically when you click some special links
- Fixed problem that "not use proxy" listdoes not work for IP addresses using Socks4
- Fixed problem that Downloader may come up whenvisiting some sites
- Enhanced RSS analysis ability
- Fixed problem that folders with corrupt - codednames are created in Bin\
* Trident Core
- Fixed problem that in Retro Mode, when hovered onFlash, middle - click scrolling not work
- Fixed problem that in Retro Mode, some images cannotbe displayed correctly
* Fav Mgr
- Fixed a Javascript error when dragging too fast
- Fixed some invalid problems with Recycle Bin
- Added missing error messages
- Fixed some display problems
- Fixed some invalid problems when dragging items
- Fixed an error when dragging an item fromleft-column to the same folder in right-column
- Fixed problem that when Fav Bar Display Folder isset in Guest account, this set will be lost after restart browser
- Fixed problem that browser will freeze when deletingmultiple items in Fav Mgr
* History Mgr
- Removed Older button when search result is listedin only one page
* Magic Fill
- Fixed problem that General Identity cannot fillusernames on some Pages
- Fixed problem that if manual - inputted usernamewas the same to General Identity, the latter would be filled by browser
- Fixed problem that save password in the right clickmenu is invalid on some pages
* Video Popup
- Fixed problem that Float Button cannot showafter exiting full - screen
- Fixed a window display problem
* Online Notepad
- Fixed problem that when selecting Font, defaultfont is different from the one in use
* AD Filter
- Fixed problem that when editing Blocking Rules, youcan only edit Rules of current browsing Site and cannot switch to another Site
* Developer Tools
- Fixed problem that DT cannot be brought for -grounded when clicked in Menu
- Fixed a crash problem when open DT from right -mouse menu
- Fixed problem that DT cannot dock to main browserwindow

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