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[User Interface]
* Redesigned Find in Page Bar with more features
* Fixed Address Bar favicon slow update problem
* Fixed problem when Maxthon is hidden while the address bar drop down is shown
* Fixed problem that tray icon does not show up after Explorer crash
* Fixed problem that with multi-monitors the monitor in which Maxthon is maximized is not remembered
* Fixed problem that online favorites synchronize dialog may lock Maxthon while switching user account
* Fixed a Split View crash problem
* User Interface under safe mode is not saved
* Added option to activate last active tab after tab close
* Added a Find Password dialog
* Fixed problem that status bar buttons dragged to Web Toolbar is not remembered
* Fixed problem that Encoding button in the Web Toolbar does not work
* Added Encoding sub menu to the View menu (need to reset Menu Bar to see the new sub menu)
* Fixed a GDI leakage problem

[Shortcut and Mouse Gesture]
* Fixed a mouse gesture page scrolling problem

[Plugin and External Tool]
* Fixed a plugin command (readFile) problem
* Fixed external tools "current title" argument problem
* Fixed problem that plugin bar customization is lost after plugin removal/disable

[Maxthon Downloader]
* Added option to not keep history of downloads
* Added notification for download error
* Fixed problem that some web pages may be closed after downloading attachment on the web pages

* Fixed a RSS crash problem
* Fixed problem that the option to open feed in new tab may not work
* After creation of new Passport Account, the favorites of Shared Account, if exist, will be imported

* Redesigned Auto Update module
* Plugin, Skin, Language, Filter files are downloaded and installed directly without using download managers

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